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About Fitzgerald House, Inc

Fitzgerald House Inc. is a charitable 501(C)3 non-profit organization founded in October 2004 with a vision to provide affordable transitional housing for homeless Veterans. Each facility provides an alcohol and drug free environment to ex-servicemen who have graduated from various Veteran’s Administration programs or, for varied circumstances is rendered homeless.

Fitzgerald House Inc. is not affiliated with any Government Agency, but works in concert with representatives of the Veteran’s Administration. Our dual goals are to provide transitional housing and also assist homeless Veterans to return to a productive lifestyle by referring them to various municipal agencies as needed.

At Fitzgerald House, Inc., we take pride in offering the homeless Veterans in our care, a home-like environment for living; which is a far cry from the environment of the shelters that majority of them came from.

This vision of Fitzgerald House Inc. is a labor of love for us, the Veterans, their friends, well wishers and families. Our homeless Veterans are treated as an extended family.

As citizens of the United States of America, we take pride in providing these amenities to our brave ex-service men who had risked their lives for our freedom. Now, in their time of need it's Fitzgerald House's Inc. goal to provide assistance that will satisfy our desire to see them live a respectable family centric lifestyle.